Saturday, July 3, 2010

8 Packs in Cooperstown

Cooperstown is a little village that is completely and utterly dedicated to baseball. So, what do I do when I make my return there (yes, my first visit was in 03)? I find a card shop. And, I went into 5 or 6 places before I could find a place that sold a decent amount of wax. There were places that sold retail packs of crap, but nothing worth buying by any means. I think it was called On Deck Circle, or something like that. But, they had plenty of wax, including packs from the early 2000s for which I am a complete sucker to. So, for 20 bucks, here's what I bought:

2009 Heritage
2002 Topps Series 2 (2)
2000 Topps (4)
2000 Bowman
A bag of crap (free)

2009 Heritage brought forth not a lot, except for a Papelbon base card and a flashback of Frank Robinson. The only notable card I pulled from 02 Series 2 was a Junior Griffey, other than that....not much. 2000 Bowman was confusing as hell, but I did pull a Berkman, a Bagwell, a Smoltz, and a Jayson Werth, which I'm pretty sure is a prospect card. The bag of crap was just that. 2000 Topps was definatly the highlight. Pulled a Big Mac, not saying much, but I still like it. So, I give you now, the semi mojo pack (no big hits, but hall of famers, sticking with the Cooperstown theme):

Bret Saberhagen (12)
Dave Martinez (161)
Mike Morgan (195)
Andy Sheets (149)
Cal Ripken (4)
David Justice (66)
John Smoltz (125)
Greg Vaughn (113)
Frank Thomas (55)
Felipe Lopez, Pablo Ozuna, Alfonso Soriano Prospects Card (203)
Garret Anderson (97)
A Checklist

20 Bucks worth of wax, completely worth it.

Note: Stay tuned for a Railfan Report tonight, whenever I feel like posting it.

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