Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Box Break: 2010/11 Panini Score Hockey

Bout damn time I uploaded this...

And now for my comparison between Victory and Score.

What's more that needs to be said? Better design, better checklist, better inserts, hits. Score skates circles around Victory. Victory is not a bad product, it's just Score is so much of a better product.


Score isn't without flaws, though. 1 per pack glossy parallels serve no purpose and 20th Anniversary Parallels most certainly serve no purpose. But, you can pull a lot of good rookies, inserts, and even hits (no, 1 gold parallel per box doesn't count count as a hit) from a box of Score. Panini does make some dumb and pointless products (Epix), but they nailed this one pretty well.

2010/11 Score Hockey - Hench Approved

Sidenote-That Justin Mercier guy? He's a 6th round draft pick............. yup, that's a fail.

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