Saturday, January 29, 2011

Million Card Giveaway Red Sox Junk

With some time, 20-something redemption cards, and a good chunk of trades, I have finally built, what I feel is


Ok, maybe not. But, still I feel it's a pretty cool set.

Brings back good memories when the Curse was finally laid to rest. Bellhorn was never a great player, but he made some key hits that year. He also frustrated the hell out of us fans, but that is by the way.

Moss has never become a big talent in the majors. But, he will always hold a special memory to me. In 2006, I attended Game 4 of the Eastern League Divisional Playoffs between the Trenton Thunder and the Portland Sea Dogs. In that game, Moss hit a walk-off home run in extra innings to seal the series and send Portland to the EL Championship Series, where they would win their first ever title. In addition, Hideki Matsui struck out for Trenton. I had a bit of a laugh to myself.

Question: Why Jeff Bailey? Answer: I own one of his game worn BP Jerseys from his time with Portland. I always wanted him to succeed in the majors for that reason. Alas, that is not the case.

Now to some better stuff:

How can you not like the Rem-Dawg? Maybe not the best player, but a damn good color commentator.

This just needed to happen.

One of my dad's favorite players when he was young. Took me a while to acquire one of these. And, for some reason, I just like the 1959 design. Might have to buy some 08 Heritage...

Besides the Jensen and the Lee cards, this might have been one card I sought after the most. I also believe that Piersall was another one of my dad's favorite players. Now, to complete the Red Sox outfield at that time, I need a Ted Williams card...that won't happen.

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