Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Great Ryan Kalish Chase: Episode 3

We're back with another episode. Since my last Kalish update, his prices have tanked. Kinda helped by his partially torn labrum in his left shoulder, which happened on a diving catch. Not good to see him go down, but it's helping me with buying his autos cheaper!

I went through a Kalish buying skid, though. When you're short on money, you kinda don't want to spend money on any type of cards, even if they are of the guy you are crazy-collecting. During a double Ebay Bucks day, I decided to throw a dollar twenty-five at his Bowman DP&P Rookie Card, then threw my Ebay Bucks certificate and 2 cents at his Bowman Platinum rookie card. Note-Bowman Platinum is not all that it cracks up to be, in my opinion.

Then, as you know, prices tanked on everything his. So, I decided to make a run at an auto. I made a couple of runs at some assorted autos: 09 Bowman, 08 EEE, 11 Topps; nothing too serious though. But, the only one that I made a serious was his 08 Bowman Signs of the Future Auto. It's not the greatest design for an auto, but I'm happy, it's another Kalish Auto.

Final Price: $3.60

Even his low numbered shit fell hard. There was a 2010 Sterling Gold Refractor #'d/50 available for $.99 with no bids with about 9 hours to go. Of course, I decide to throw a bid at it. And, I looked to have the winning bid into the last minute. Then some jackass made a last minute snipe and won it for $1.83. SCREW YOU JACKASS!

More Kalish shenanigans to come, as there are more cards on the way!

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