Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm Violating My Own Moral Code of Baseball Cards

I find collecting enjoyable. I don't look at it as dollar signs and monetary value, I look at it as fun. See what I can get to expand my collection, while spending as little money as possible and selling off what I don't want. I don't like to look at cards as investments or money making devices. I feel it takes the fun out of collecting.

However, I have violated this "policy" as of today. Today, I learned that I am the highest bidder of a Matt Barnes autograph, from the recently released BDP&P. I have wanted to avoid having baseball cards as investments. But, I am currently very cash strapped. I'm making a little money here and there, but there is no sustained income. So, I have decided to start a Matt Barnes Stash (as they call it on FCB). Barnes, out of UConn, was selected 19th overall by the Red Sox and looks to have a promising future. Plus, his base autos average under 10 bucks right now. Now, this won't be a big stash, I don't have the budget to acquire 15 base autos, 10 refractor autos, 8 blues, 5 golds, 3 oranges, 2 purples (yes, they have purple refractor autos now), a red, and the superfractor. It will be something like a handful (3 or 4) of base autos and maybe a refractor. Hopefully it's enough to profit and be able to keep one.

I know, I'm violating my own moral code of baseball cards. BUT I NEEDZ TEH MONEYZ! Now excuse me while I return to school.

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