Sunday, June 6, 2010

For Once, MBTA Buying New Locomotives

Who knew the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority was smart enough to invest in new locomotives. Last time they bought new units they weren't exactly "new", just old, beat up, rebuilt, 30 year old freight locomotives. Yes, I'm talking about those god awful GP40MCs. I've read on the Forums that the MBTA is buying 2, count em, 2 new MP36PH-3C units. Now, that's not everything fortunately. They are also leasing 7 of the same units from the Utah Transit Authority's FrontRunner Service. FrontRunner doesn't need these units right now, as they have trainsets than tracks to run them on. So, why not have get beaten up a little on the East Coast. The leasers are to be held captive on the North Side Service, as they aren't equiped with ASCES. Users are also reporting that the estimated delivery date for these locomotives are in September. Figures that I'll be off at college by then.

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  1. At least the Northside will get something new for once, maybe displace some of those horrible Geeps. Now if only the orange line would get some new cars...