Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two In One: Railfan Report and Pack Breaks

I took some time out of my morning to go do a little railfanning in Ballardvale. And by a little time I mean 4 hours. So here's the report from a good, solid 4 hours at Ballardvale.

(Time, Train ID, Power)
8:50; MBCR 209; MBTA 1004
9:30; MBCR 214; MBTA 1652, MBTA 1131
9:40; AMTK 681; AMTK 71, AMTK 90220
10:04; AMTK 682; AMTK 90213, AMTK 206
10:25; MBCR 218; MBTA 1633, MBTA 1004
11:00; PAR NMED; HLCX 6450, MEC 604 (604-Pan Am Blue)
11:14; MBCR 213; MBTA 1008
11:35; AMTK 683; AMTK 206, AMTK 90213
12:13; PAR WASE; HLCX 6413, MEC 314, HLCX 6329

A couple of pretty good catches here with NMED and WASE. Plus, a recently acquired TFM SD40-2 thrown in for good measure. And, plenty of horns being blown north of the station meant for a pretty damn good day railfanning wise.

In addition, I brought 4 four packs of 09 O-Pee-Chee Baseball with me to bust during the boredom. (Hey, the stuff is 99 cents a pack at Newbury Comics, why not buy it?) So, I ripped them between 218 and NMED. I pulled what you'd expect to pull out of4 packs of OPC: 4 short-prints, 4 black cards (Jonathan Broxton, Michael Young, Ryan Braun, Brian Wilson), 2 of those blasted 20th Anniversary UD Inserts (one was of Cal Ripken, though), you know, that stuff. But, I did pull a big mojo hit: an autograph of Aaron Laffey. I can't say it was a great hit, but I do appreciate pulling a one in every 216 pack hit in only my 7th pack of this stuff that I've ever ripped. Then, a half-hour later, I'd catch NMED. Yay me!

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