Monday, August 2, 2010

Late Pack Break: 1984 Topps

I did a video pack break a while ago of me ripping 4 packs of 1984 Topps. It looked like it went well, but it went over 10 minutes. So, the bastards at Youtube won't show it. But, it was a successful pack break. Now, to just remind myself I need to go faster when ripping these things.

The results: The packs yielded basically 112 cards (that's 28 cards per pack if you can't do math) and four sticks of gum that have turned into bricks. Out of those 112 cards, I pulled 4 hall of famers: Ryne Sandberg, Phil Niekro, Steve Carlton, and Tom Seaver. I also pulled 2 All Star cards of George Brett and Ozzie Smith (another 2 hall of famers). And, I got a Dwight Evans.


In my opinion: successful. 16 bucks for 112 cards is still a better value than today's Topps products. Maybe that just means they're not worth a lick anymore. But, do I

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