Sunday, August 22, 2010

Topps Value Pack Strasburg

I saw these yesterday when I was picking up that blaster of Series 2 Topps (see below) and was wondering what the hell are these things, what are they doing here, and why do they exist. Well, I guess it's one of the few products where you can find a Stephen Strasburg without paying an absurd amount of money. I just have one question for you Topps, just like with the black-bordered cards and those manufactured All-Star Game patch cards:


Is it really neccessary to make a three card (that's right, 3 cards) insert for this product? And, it's not like they're difficult to find, they're one per box. What is the point of that exactly? At least make the insert checklist 25-30 cards, not 3. Or make them one in every couple of boxes. Basically, I can buy 3 of them, and hopefully by then I'll have my Strasburg-JO fix.


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