Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 3 from Nationals

Ok, so this happened this past Saturday. Yeah, I'm lazy, go figure.

Day 3 saw the final day of competition at the 2011 Outdoor Track & Field National Championships. Good news with that: 1. No decathlon or heptathlon events to slow things down in the afternoon. 2. All events are final. 3. Competition ends at 5. We ended up leaving at about 7:30, but it felt like the day went a lot quicker.

3 members of OWU Track & Field competed on Day 3. Emily Amburgey competed in the high jump, clearing 1.62 meters, but finished in 17th overall. Kat Zimmerly finished 15th in the 5k. And, folks, OWU has an All-American! Ethan Freet ran a 52.15 in the 400 meter hurdles to finish 3rd overall, in the nation. Congrats to Ethan and the rest of our OWU competitors!

The Race of the Day is a bit of a toss up. Both of these races were really impressive because both of the winners carried out distance doubles and won: the 800 and the 5k. In the 800, Nick Guarino of SUNY Fredonia, who had already won the national title in the 1500, had a hell of a showdown with Ben Scheetz of Amherst in order to win the title. It came down to the last 100, and Guarino was able to hold off Scheetz to win. And, in the 5k, Mike Spain of North Central, who I've previously mentioned and won the 10k, was 5th with 250 meters to go, and absolutely flew in that last 250 to win. Oh, and 1-2 in the 5k was the same as 1-2 in the 10k (go figure).

Well, it was a hell of fun time to host Nationals. I've never been around so many redonkalous athletes in my life. I wish some day I can run at National meet, but for now, hosting will suffice.

And, again, congrats to All-American Ethan Freet!

Back to our regularly scheduled cardbloggery.

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