Sunday, September 11, 2011

HJB Masterpieces Card #6

Card #6: Rajon Rondo

In all honesty, I kinda dislike the NBA...a lot. If you told me you would give me 50 bucks if I could stay on the same channel and watch an entire NBA game on TV, I couldn't do it. It's so painful. SO PAINFUL!!! That being said, Rajon Rondo is my favorite Celtic (or Paul Pierce...I can't decide). The plays he can make are nuts. Can someone buy me season tickets to the Celtics or Cavs so I can become a basketball fan again? Thanks!

As all of you know, today is the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I was only in 4th grade at the time, but I was able to understand quite a bit about the situation. I remember the next day was non-stop talk about the attacks. All of it is a bit fuzzy, because it was never on the forefront of my mind. Today, 10 years later as a college sophomore, it has come more to the forefront. To all of those lost 10 years ago today, may you rest in peace. The 12 mile long run I did today (tendonitis and all) was in honor of all of you.

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