Sunday, September 4, 2011

HJB Masterpieces Card #1

Ok, so in my tired state of mind last night, I posted a preview of my new custom card set: HJB Masterpieces. So, here's a bit more of an explanation and whatnot.

-There is no limit to how big this set can get. I've already thought about how much awesomeness I can pack into the checklist that I've set the checklist size to as much as I want.

-I do like the design of UD Masterpieces (I've never busted any, but I like it). So, I've given the cards a rough pastel on canvas look. No borders though. I am inept at that type of Photoshop.

-The main focus will be Boston sports, but I will add others as necessary. Including non-sports stuff as well. No Yankees though. Yankees are forbidden. Always.

So, here's card #1 in the checklist that I showed last night: Brad Marchand

The Little Ball of Hate made my life during this past playoff run. From completely pissing off the Sedin twins, to scoring goals and making plays in key situations (see Game 7, Stanley Cup Finals), to rapping to Black & Yellow at the parade. You want proof?

I will update this (for the most part) daily. Stay tuned for more!

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