Friday, October 8, 2010

2010-11 Upper Deck Victory Box Break

Like I said before, the season is here. So it's time to BUST SOME WAX!

The pulls:

Base Set: 197 out of 250 (78.8%)
Short Set: 179 out of 200 (89.5%)
Rookies: 18 out of 50 (36%)

1 Gold Card-Jamie Langenbrunner (1 per box)

Stars of the Game: 9 (1:4 packs)
Gamebreakers: 9 (1:4 packs)

From the reviews I read before I busted this, I had a feeling this set was going to be bad. But, I would say that this isn't as terrible as I thought it was going to be. I mean, yes the checklist definately isn't long enough (WHERE'S TUUKKA RASK?!), the inserts are cheesy, there needs to be more than one parallel per box, and the rookie selection is pretty bad. But, there are some positives to this. For one, I'm a fan of the base card design; some people might think it is corny and poorly thought out, but I feel they are very pleasing to the eye. I'm really a fan of the design of the Gamebreaker cards, especially with the layout of the color (yes, I like cards like this). Thumbs up to Upper Deck Design. This is also a very easy set to collect for cheapskates and cash-strapped people, like myself. I got close to 4/5 of the base set just by buying a hobby-box for $23.50.

So, it's basically up to the buyer if you want this product or not. If you're a Joe Collector, you can put this product off your radar. If you like more than just 2 sets of cheesy inserts and a bunch of base cards, don't buy it. Save your money and buy Panini's Score Hockey (to be released in 12 days). Though, it is the only hockey product available right now. And, if you have $24 bucks in your pocket and your craving hockey cards, I'd say pick up a box. If you're cheap, this is no question a product for you. I would have to say, by a slim margin, this product is Hench Approved (subject to change with the release of Score in a couple of weeks).

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