Monday, October 4, 2010

Now Wait A Minute...

And now for a sports rant:

I have heard one too many "Trade Jacoby Ellsbury" proposals in Boston. Everyone has been banging on the door of the Red Sox Front Office telling them to do so, it seems. And, I for one, do not agree with this proposal. Have we forgotten already that in 2009 he hit .301 with 8 homers, 60 driven in, and 70 stolen bases? I sure as hell haven't. I wouldn't say he is the perfect leadoff hitter, but he's a pretty damn good one. Would I rather have Rollins leading off? Of course. But, is Marco Scutaro a better leadoff man instead of Ellsbury? No? Didn't think so either.

Ok, so maybe he was injured for most of the season (he played 18 games, mind you). Maybe it's his lack of skills as a leftfielder that caused him to get injured, which is why everyone wants his name out of Boston. Oh, wait a minute, he's played CENTERFIELD for the last 2 years. I never understood this last off-season when they brought in Mike Cameron for centerfield and moved Ellsbury to left. He had just played 2 straight season of center, why make the move now? Yeah, Pedroia and Youkilis played other positions before their current ones, but those changes were made early on in their careers, not after they had gotten used to one in the majors.

So, move Ellsbury back to center, sounds easy enough. Put Mike Cameron on the bench or in the minors, oh wow I'm smart. Now there's a gap in left. I'd say sign a bat since there aren't any sure fire replacements in terms of prospects coming up and taking the spot (maybe Daniel Nava, which I would love to see, but I can't them doing that). May I suggest signing Jayson Werth in left field for the short term? There, I did, now sign him. Now there's a bottleneck in right with Drew and Kalish. This might be out there (maybe not too out there), but I've been calling for this for a while now: TRADE JD DREW! I still can't justify the ungodly amount of money they gave this guy for, what has it been, 4 eh seasons here in Boston. Plus, it would open up a good amount of money that could be spent in better ways (hopefully).

Alright Red Sox Front Office, print, read, and follow said instructions. I expect many championships with this plan.

[end rant]

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