Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Quest

Today I ventured to the Greater Columbus Convention Center to perform several hours of manual labor to help gather funds for OWU Track & Field. The manual labor involved disassembling a set for a cheerleading competition (no, I don't understand the fascination or point of this, and yes, I was horrified by the attire, but that is another rant). But, the Convention Center is very nice, just outside of the recently built up Arena District, and it got me to thinking, and this is my quest (well, it's more like a wish that probably won't happen). I don't know how I'd get this to work, but my quest is to bring the National to Columbus. I just saw that 2014 is open for where the National will be held (I know, it's in Cleveland in 2012, but still), so come on! Just do it! The Columbus Convention Center is extremely nice, and while it might not be a great tourist destination, it would be convenient for me. It will probably end up in LA that year, but they should just amuse me.

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