Saturday, November 27, 2010

Box Break: 2010 Bowman Chrome

I guess this didn't posted until Saturday when I promised Wednesday...

My recognition of refractors was so bad that I made an update video.

The pulls:
Base Veterans - 24 out of 220 (10.9%)
Prospects - 34 out of 110 (30.9%)
5 Refractors (1:4, Davis, Either, Upton, Peedy, Santana RC)

5 USA Baseball (1:4ish?)
1 Refractor #/500 (Henry Owens)
Topps 100 #/999 Austin Romine

Pedro Baez Prospect Auto
Francisco Lindor USA Baseball Auto (1:207)

Good news-Better box break than some that I've seen out there. The design looks good with the chrome, in my mind. The prices on this stuff are falling extremely fast (I can't complain about this).
Bad news-Same old quality control issues with Topps it seems. A multitude of scratches can be found on the cards. The cards bow severely right out of the pack. There is a lack of color to be pulled because of overproduction (hooray Stras-hype!). LACK OF RED SOX PROSPECTS!

To Sum up:
Usually, this stuff sells for 65 bucks a box. For that price, I wouldn't touch it. Quality control problems and lack of value would steer me away (72 cards for 65 bucks ain't worth it). But, for the price, it isn't that bad. Plus, the break made it more worth the money.

2010 Bowman Chrome (at the current price below 50 bucks): Hench Approved
Break: Also Hench Approved

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