Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Odds & Ends - Contest

The 1990 Upper Deck Contest still has 13 more teams available. Sign up today! If all the spots are not filled by Thursday the 18th, I will go ahead and bust half the box with the teams we have now and take the highest number of the teams that are taken. I'm traveling out to Iowa for D3 XC Nationals, then back home to Boston for Thanksgiving and I don't want to lug that waxbox all over half the country. This also means that the prizes will not be mailed out until the week after Thanksgiving, when I return to campus. Again, I have little interest bringing those packs around too, especially because they could get damaged. And, no one wants to receive damaged prizes, am I right?
I apologize for this, but I have to do it this way in order to save myself a little bit of sanity. In the mean time, though:


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